Proven Success

Lone Wolf Distributors is the world's largest parts & accessories distributor for Glock handguns. Lone Wolf had been through several back office systems prior to using HYDRA, none of which met their needs. Since switching to HYDRA, Lone Wolf has seen a significant increase in sales, and has reduced overhead through HYDRA's efficient fulfillment process.

Lone Wolf Distributors
  • World's largest parts & accessories distributor for Glock handguns
  • Significant increase in Sales and Reduced Overhead
  • Approximately $6.5 Million in Sales Transactions
  • Approximately half a million dollars in sales each month
  • Reduced Order Processing and Fulfillment time/labor by 80%
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

"Hydra allowed us to improve our bottom line by reducing the amount of manpower we required to process and ship orders. My employees now have time to spend on value adding activites, rather than simply processing orders through our system. Our experience with Hydra has helped us grow our business while at the same time reducing overhead."

JR Shepard, CEO Lone Wolf Distributors

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