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Inventory Management

This video outlines the process for adding an item to Hydra. See how HYDRA's pricing model allows for an infinite amount of flexibility in pricing your products. This short video also shows you how to add rich images and descriptions to your items.
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Customers Management

This video walks you through the process of adding a customer to HYDRA. See how you can manage complicated customer records with Hydra's streamlined interface.
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Order Taking

This video steps through the order taking process from start to finish, including selecting your customer, adding items to the order, pricing, and payments. The order taking interface is designed to follow an intuitive set of steps which were modeled after a typical phone in order. Web orders automatically drop into HYDRA from your online store.
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This video demonstrates the streamlined fulfillment process using Hydra's batch processing feature. Process multiple orders using a simple process for printing the invoice, shipping label, and processing payment. Although this video demonstrates processing a 2 order batch, the number of orders in a batch in unlimited.
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Point of Sale

HYDRA's integrated Point of Sale (POS) terminal provides an intuitive touchscreen interface for taking traditional over-the-counter orders. Products can be scanned in using barcodes, or manually entered into each sale. This video demonstrates a basic order taken through HYDRA's integrated POS terminal.
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