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HYDRA Inventory Management

Overall success in retail and wholesale business is based on your ability to have the products your customer want – when they want them. In order to get the best results, business owners need to continuously monitor stock levels and sales results, correctly anticipate re-order time and amounts.

All too often, business owners feel they have to compromise the best results in order to have a simple system to manage. A large percentage of Backorders, Overstock and product obsolescence issues stem from these compromises.

HYDRA Inventory management integrates sales transactions, stock levels, re-order times, to trigger re-orders - just in time – allowing you to significantly reduce your overall inventory investment.

HYDRA Inventory Management – Key Benefits

  • Reduce overall inventory investment
  • Reduce out of stock incidence
  • Reduce inventory obsolescence
  • Reduce opportunities for inventory shrinkage
  • Immediate access to inventory status and valuation

HYDRA POS – Features

  • Unlimited product capacity
  • Setup unlimited pricing levels and groups
  • Price similar products according to user-defined price groups
  • Product pricing can be based on Cost Plus, Cost Minus, Fixed Price, or many other options
  • Group products into "kits"
  • Track product inventory, landed costs, and profitability
  • Establish product re-order quantities, and predicatively purchase items from suppliers
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Barcode products for quick order processing
  • Support multiple warehouse locations and track inventory independently for each physical location
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses
"Maintaining accurate inventory counts are critical to keeping product on hand, and meeting customer demand. HYDRA has taken the guesswork out of reordering, now I can see exactly what I need and when."
- Purchasing Manager, PMP Industries Inc.

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HYDRA CCM Inventory Management

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