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If your company receives a majority of your business either online or over the phone, then you’re probably invest a majority of your time, effort and labor cost on shipping. In the increasingly competitive online market, shipping and handling costs can be the determining factor for which company gets the sale. HYDRA Fulfillment automates and removes many of the manual steps you’re dealing with today- saving you time and money.

Studies show that order processing errors, shipping errors and shipping delays are top reasons why online retailers receive poor customer feedback. This feedback not only affects your ability to resell to your existing customers but, more and more, potential new customers use this feedback to decide who to buy from. HYDRA Fulfillment can improve your customer satisfaction while improving your delivery time and accuracy.

International shipping requires significant additional paperwork and special handling. Some businesses choose not to sell internationally because of these burdens. HYDRA can help you start or streamline your international shipping process.

HYDRA Fulfillment fully integrates with USPS, FedEx, and UPS to provide users with real-time shipping costs based on the order specifications. Once the order is ready to be fulfilled, HYDRA provides an interface for warehouse personnel to print pre-paid shipping labels. The shipping system allows for international shipments, insured shipments, and COD shipments with over 30 different supported shipping methods.

HYDRA Fulfillment – Key Benefits

  • Remove most manual tasks from your order processing
  • Reduce fulfillment labor by more than 80%
  • Reduce order and shipping errors
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce follow up/return costs
  • Automatically process international shipments and print customs forms

HYDRA Fulfillment – Features

  • Process and print an unlimited number of open orders with a single click
  • Ship through USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other custom shipping methods
  • Calculate exact shipping amounts based on product weight, dimensions, shipping requirements, and customer information
  • Print shipping labels directly through HYDRA
  • Print postage and track shipments directly from HYDRA
  • HYDRA automatically notifies your customers that their order has shipped and provides them with an invoice and tracking number

Reduce Fulfillment Labor by 80%

The diagram below shows the fulfillment process change of an actual HYDRA customer. Prior to implementing HYDRA, this customer spent a majority of their time processing and shipping orders. After implementing HYDRA this customer reduced their fulfillment process from 15 manual steps to 3 manual steps, ultimately resulting in quicker shipments and improved customer satisfaction.

HYDRA reduces fulfillment time by up to 80%

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