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HYDRA Purchasing

HYDRA features a complete purchasing and inventory management system which tracks sales, purchasing, and stock levels. The intuitive supply chain features a predictive purchasing component which will assist the user in generating purchase orders for low stock or back-ordered items. Use sales trends, supplier lead time, and minimum reorder points to keep stock on hand to a minimum, while still fulfilling incoming orders.

The purchasing and inventory control system also has the ability to track items by lot or serial numbers. The inventory system also fully supports bar-codes.

HYDRA Purchasing – Features

  • Set minimum reorder quantities for each product
  • Assign an unlimited amount of suppliers for each product
  • Generate purchase orders automatically
  • Predictive purchasing system suggests which parts to order based on your sales and available quantity
  • HYDRA accurately calculates and tracks landed cost when you receive purchase orders
  • Track supplier lead times and last purchase price

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