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HYDRA Customer Management

The robust customer management component of HYDRA allows detailed customer tracking and support. Customers can be assigned different price types; this allows HYDRA to support retail, dealer, and wholesale type sales through a single order interface. The amount of price types that HYDRA supports is unlimited. Customers can be set as tax exempt, and can be assigned payment terms and credit limits. The sophisticated customer record support allows for multiple primary, shipping, and billing contacts.

All too often, business owners feel they have to compromise the best results in order to have a simple system to manage. A large percentage of Backorders, Overstock and product obsolescence issues stem from these compromises.

HYDRA Inventory management integrates sales transactions, stock levels, re-order times, to trigger re-orders - just in time – allowing you to significantly reduce your overall inventory investment.

HYDRA Customer Management – Features

  • Maintain an unlimited amount of customer contacts
  • Apply different pricing levels to different customers
  • Validate and standardize customer addresses
  • Securely store customer credit card information (Fully PCI Compliant)
  • Extend terms to customers
  • Track customer order history

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HYDRA CCM - Customer Management

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