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HYDRA Accounting

HYDRA allows you to track your finances throughout the entire commerce pipeline. General ledger accounting is handled through a simple Quickbooks export routine, allowing you to greatly simplify and reduce the time spent recording accounting information.

HYDRA Accounting – Features

  • Accounts Receivable
    • Extend credit terms to customers
    • Track aging credit accounts
    • Enforce credit limits in-store and online
    • Track individual payments
    • Track customer credits and returns
  • Inventory Costing
    • Extremely accurate landed costs
    • Track inventory with Cost of Goods Sold accounts
    • Retrieve accurate current inventory values
    • Generate and track purchase orders
    • Dynamic item pricing allows you to price items based on fixed cost, fixed cost plus/minus, or percent plus/minus
    • Unlimited customer and item pricing levels
  • Payments
    • Daily payment summary by payment type (VISA, MC, Check, etc..)
    • Accept and record cash and check payments
    • Apply partial payments (such as layaway)

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