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Why would I spend money on business software, specifically in these uncertain times?

Cost always factors into your decision to change the way you do business. Even in these trying times, keep in mind the potential cost savings of switching to HYDRA.

  • Reduced Labor Costs: How much time do your employees spend answering questions over the phone? How much time do they spend processing orders? HYDRA provides your customers with answers to a majority of their questions directly through the website. Customers can see if you have an item in stock, what their customer specific price is, how much shipping is to their destination, their order status and history, plus many other pieces of information. HYDRAs fully integrated pipeline allows your employees to process orders with a single button click. Existing HYDRA users have reported saving nearly 80% of the time to process orders.

  • Flexible Billing: HYDRA offers a flexible billing structure, allowing users to pay either per month, or annually. Since there is no hardware to buy the initial investment to get into HYDRA is extremely low, often times as little as 5% of the cost to get into competing systems. Most competing systems require you to “purchase” their software up front. This can often cost as much as $50,000. With HYDRA all you pay is a small setup fee, and you can begin using HYDRA right away with very little financial commitment up front. If you decide that HYDRA is not a good fit for your business, you can cancel at any time.

HYDRA’s flexible billing and potential labor cost reduction make switching to HYDRA a wise financial move. The small cost outlay combined with the large cost savings means your business’ bottom line improves almost instantly.

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