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I am comfortable with they way my business software works, why should I change?

Many business owners are unhappy with their existing systems yet are reluctant to change. This is a common reaction to software that is critical to run your business. When considering the transition to HYDRA you may want to remember the following items:

  • Setup Time: While setting up a new back office system can be time consuming, HYDRA’s hosted environment makes setup take only a fraction of the time as a traditional system. Often, users can be up and running in under a week.

  • Business Processes: You have already developed business processes around your existing system, and may be worried about having to develop new processes to work with HYDRA. You will most likely find that 70% of the business processes you have in place will be eliminated by HYDRA’s automation and integration. What could you or your employees do with an additional 6-7 hours a day?

  • Learning Curve: Any time you switch to a new system there is bound to be a learning curve. However HYDRA back office system was designed by user-interface and business experts, not programmers. This means that the internal usability of the software is significantly improved over traditional systems. HYDRA also features a robust help, including video tutorials for performing common tasks.

While it is perfectly natural to resist change, the benefits of switching to HYDRA make it worth your time. Simply by streamlining your business processes with HYDRA, you can spend more time on revenue generating tasks, rather than fighting your existing system.

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