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What why should I use a Hosted Solution?

Even with traditional back office products you often don’t own the software. Many of our competitors charge a yearly support and maintenance fee. Failure to pay this fee will lock the software even though it is on your server. Other advantages of a hosted solution are:

  • Remote access: If you have a tradeshow, separate office, warehouse facility, or remote employees; they can all access your back office system and perform work and take orders jut as if they were sitting inside your building. As a business owner maybe it is time to take that vacation you have been delaying, knowing that you can use HYDRA to manage your business from anywhere.

  • Hardware: With a hosted solution there is no hardware to purchase. Unlike competing systems that require thousands of dollars in servers and network hardware to purchase, HYDRA only requires an internet connection to run.

  • Reliability: HYDRA’s servers are located in a secure tier 1 datacenter that sits on top of 3 internet backbone connections. Our facility is so secure and reliable that many banks locate their servers in the same facility.

  • Data Backup: One often overlooked asset when installing a back office system is a reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution. With HYDRA your business does not need to worry about how often data is backed up. HYDRA’s servers feature a triple redundant backup process. Data is backed up locally, onsite, and offsite every day. What would happen to your business today if you had a catastrophic fire. With HYDRA, your data is safe and secure; all you would need to resume business would be a computer with internet access.

  • Data Availability: Some users are uncomfortable storing their data on a 3rd party server. This is an understandable reaction. Foremost with HYDRA, you own your data. Every piece of data you put into HYDRA is available for export at any time. Even if you should choose to discontinue the use of HYDRA, we allow you to login to your system and export data, indefinitely. Our privacy and security policies forbid us from accessing your data without your consent. Additionally any secure data such as credit card information is stored in an encrypted format (in compliance with Credit Card PCI standards).

All of these features, plus the speed and ease of deployment make a hosted solution superior and significantly less expensive than a traditional installed solution. This lets you, the business owner, focus on what makes you money, rather than keeping your system running.

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